Home away from home

La Suite is a unique and stylish boutique hotel that combine luxury, design and comfort in a perfect way.

The hotel’s attention to details provide visitors with a private, historic oasis in an authentic Italian setting.

Each room is designed with its own ambience to evoke varying emotions.

Besides the luxurious amenities and historic value the spacious rooms provide, you will also find panoramic views and peaceful outdoor spaces.

Situated in the “green” heart of the island of Procida, just a few minutes from the beach of Ciraccio and the famous beach featured in the movie “The Postman”, La Suite is surrounded by a constantly growing and evolving oasis of tranquillity, with a private garden of 5.000 sqm where guests can find the perfect balance between “mind and body”.

& Suites

The 23 beautifully designed rooms and suites of this luxury boutique hotel were each made to evoke different emotions in La Suite’s guests, as we ensured that each room would have its own artistic flair and unique environment so no two rooms would be exactly alike.

Come experience true Italian hospitality with sweeping, panoramic views and access to lush Mediterranean gardens, in a room that feels like a home away from home.


& Bar

The hotel has two restaurants, “Bouganville” – an elegant and refined restaurant – and the more informal “Le Café”, which features a stunning view of the hotel garden and black pool.

These two distinct dining atmospheres were designed to cater to guests no matter what their taste or mood, whether you want to grab a quick bite in your daytime clothes, or dress up and be catered to while you enjoy a delicious gourmet Italian dinner.


& Fitness

Do you want to attain an even deeper level of relaxation in your hidden Italian oasis? Come get pampered in La Suite’s world-class spa and try one of the many specialized beauty treatments! The La Suite spa is uniquely designed to provide a soothing atmosphere for travelers and truly transport you to another state of mind.


Black Pool
& Beaches

Surrounded by huge Indonesian beds and white beach umbrellas, with the green fronds of palm trees gently swaying around you, you will find no better way to experience the Mediterranean sun than next to our exclusive lava stone swimming pool.

Enjoy the warmth and water when you relax by this one of a kind La Suite pool or go for a dip in the refreshing, clear pool.



Weave your way through this former royal palace orchard and discover the beautiful plants and spices growing all around the flourishing grounds of La Suite.

Breathe in the fresh air and take in the hints of rosemary and orange blossoms wafting through the atmosphere, as you admire the vibrant colors and lush vegetation all around you.


& Events

What better location to celebrate your most important day than the luxurious oasis of La Suite Boutique Hotel & Spa? We are ideally situated to host unforgettable weddings, as well as private events such as conferences, all catered to with our chef’s specially designed menus.


Procida Island

Come discover your own secret escape on the charming, colorful island of Procida, the smallest island of the Gulf of Naples.

With a surface area of just 4 square kilometers, Procida is peaceful, intimate, exclusive, and easy to explore. Best of all, you will have an authentic, local experience here, as the hidden beauty of Procida is usually sheltered from the summer tourists crowds of neighboring Ischia and Capri.

If you’ve been trying to get a real taste of summer in Italy and discover an island only a few people know about, Procida is the dream destination you have been waiting for all these years.